Emergency medicine in the United States serves as the link between the community and the hospital and specializes in providing emergency medical care 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, regardless of the patients’ financial status. Unfortunately, most countries in the world have yet to develop emergency medicine as a specialty, limiting the access of millions of people in underserved communities from obtaining proper medical care during critical situations. Additionally, with an inadequate number of hospitals, rural populations in various global settings have either limited or no access to hospital care, resulting in mortalities and disabilities that are preventable with basic emergency medical services. Therefore, bystander knowledge of providing proper basic emergency medical treatments can potentially provide the largest impact for victims with unstable medical conditions.

The AED International Medical Missions have established a relationship with hospitals in Tanzania, our main destination for volunteering. In addition, we have also partnered with the non-profit Changefire to include medical missions to Belize.

The AED International Medical Missions at UCLA is the only organization on campus that specializes in providing the following medical aid to local Tanzanian and Belizean hospitals:

  • Bring medical supplies and equipment to the hospitals and educate their proper usage and techniques to the local healthcare providers.

  • Teaching Basic Emergency Medical Care (BEMC) to local staff focusing on self-sustaining international education.

  • Assist the healthcare providers on patient care.

  • Educate local children on the importance of good hygiene and a balanced diet.

Our program addresses this issue by creating a self-sustaining international education program that trains ordinary local citizens on methods to perform effective basic medical procedures.

Previous Locations: Tanzania, Belize, Cambodia, and Vietnam

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