Mission Statement

The Healthy and Powerful You (HAPY) Fair is a student organization that aims to provide free healthcare services, resources, and health education to underprivileged communities of low socioeconomic status.


  • Provide access to health services to HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Areas) Communities in the Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Teach actives how to navigate the logistics of planning a health fair

  • Provide new leadership opportunities

  • Learn to network with service providers in the area

What does this event look like?

  • A large-scale, AED-based operation occurring once a quarter

  • AED taking a community center on a weekend and transforming it into a hub for health education, community empowerment, and fun

  • Tents with games, educational activities, and opportunities to access free medical services and testing

HAPY Executive Board 2019-2020

Directors: Jonathan Hu and Amanda Wu

Logistics Coordinators: Russell Chin and Heaven Humphreys

Publicity Coordinator: Irene Zhou

Health Education Coordinators: Connie Tran and Gabe Salazar

Finance Coordinator: Vardaan Bal